Panmunjeom + DMZ Combined Tour (Tue – Fri : KRW 157,000, Sat : KRW 167,000)


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Buffering hostilities from the north and south, the heavily guarded premises of Panmunjeom are located in the middle of the demilitarized zone.


The Hotel Where you stay →  The Unification Bridge→Slideshow and briefing at Camp Bonifas and tour of JSA → Joint Security Area → Freedom House → Military Armistice Commission Conference Room → UN Guard Post 3 → Bridge of no Return → Lunch(Bibimbap) → The Unification Bridge → ID Check → DMZ Theater and Exhibition Hall → The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel → Dora Observatory → Dorasan Station → Amethyst Center → Drop off Myeongdong (Around 17:30 P.M)

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[Tong-il (Unification) Bridge]
The first hurdle to the Unification Bridge, go to the DMZ.
It must pass the Unification Bridge can go to the DMZ.
The bridge was built. “Hyundai Motor, Hyundai Construction, including that by the founder, Chung Department gotta chairman of the Hyundai Group, Chairman Chung is also known for the cattle drive 500 visited North Korea across the bridge.”
[Panmoonjeom-Camp Boniface]
Camp Boniface is a UN military command post in the Panmunjom.
In charge of the soldiers on board the bus from here to conduct a passport check and costume tests again.
Camp Boniface achieved a briefing on security JSA in Panmunjom tour book tour.
The Camp Boniface wonhol the par-3 golf course with artificial turf inside the base composition, three sides of the course is surrounded by minefields have also called ‘the most dangerous golf course in the world.
[House of Freedom]
Freedom House in the south, “Peace House” is, in the north, panmungak, there is unity each.
Freedom House and panmungak The need for a liaison between the north and south sides of the Red Cross has installed a permanent liaison office and put two direct telephone lines.
UN and ROK joint expenses here are foreign tourists who hold the passports tours are available, South Korea and other foreign nationals and must undergo a certain procedure separately.
[The Military Armistice Conference Room]
After the 1953 Civil Military Armistice Truce is where the whole conference is open.
The conference room inside the UN flag was placed on the table a long chapter, the following are passed to the Military Demarcation Line.
This coming and going and taking pictures of the inside is allowed but can not be the act of touching things or to speak to a soldier.
Expressionless in the talks and maintain a consistently tight due to the guard to the place where the tension flowing soldiers.
[The 3rd Observatory]
Two American officers who were supervising the work cottonwood tree pruning is where the North Koreans have been killed with an ax to 50-60 people.
UN forces back south side of the bridge does not come close to commanding the third post in the branches of a cottonwood tree covered in hitting five Korean laborers to work in vision? Guard that was, the soldiers of the North Korean military officers two names appear lifetime, “Do not hit the tree branches”I need.
The side guards ignored it and let us continue to work, and suddenly dozens of North Korean soldiers ran to the truck brandishing iron skewer sticks assault, etc., after the murder of US officers and two people with an ax to the rest of the icing junggyeongsang 9 peopleI went back.
Immediately after the incident in Korea, but US and South Korean troops prepared for battle, while the time was head of North Korea’s Kim Il Sung was the case apple finish.
The case immediately after the Panmunjom Earth expenses divided Koreas began.
[Bridge of No Return]
The South and the North in the repatriation of prisoners of one, prisoners were crossing the bridge once was named “Bridge of No Return” in the sense that you can not go back.
South and North Korean military demarcation line, passing through the middle part of the bridge, both ends of the bridge has a post located in each country.
[Imjingak Park]
Imjingak is located in 7㎞ across the south of the Military Demarcation Line, the Imjin River. North Imjingak near the ground seemed to be caught in the hand is where the remains of 6.25 war is a tragedy.
For displaced people came down from the North Imjingak built in 1972 and operated as a game may peace center will showcase data indicating the appearance of the life and videos showing North Korea and North Korean land overlooking a little closer to the observatory on the third floor through a telescope there.
[DMZ theater and exhibition hall]
In the civilian access control line, Gangwon Province to be set up a unique museum.
Before the symbol of the world’s only divided country DMZ (demilitarized zone, DMZ).
Military conflict lasting 60 years, people do not touch the hand of a reconfigure an intact environment and ecology exhibits and videos stored in places.
[The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel]
North Korea has put a secret passage drilled so that you can move only 3 per troops to invade South Korea. The passage is about to be moved wide to the tank. Enjoy a walk out from the tunnel thrilling experience for the invasion of North Korea threatened South Korea.
[Dora Observatory]
The northernmost of the South. Is where the best views of the North. Here is a view of the residential town of the north of the Kaesong Industrial Complex and the North Min.
[Dorasan Station]
The last station and the first station to go to the north of the South. If this unity is the starting point and terminus of the crossing where trains linking the Eurasian continent.
someday it will take you to Europe through the Trans-Siberian Railway.


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