provides DMZ Tour-specialized services.


[Article 1] Application
It is carried out separately from tde Fair Trade Commission's consumer dispute settlement standards, and tde tour progress and cancellation shall apply to tde following special terms and conditions.
[Article 2] Deposit
30% deposit of tde total tour cost will be made when tde tour is booked. You cannot get a refund of deposit when tde tour is cancelled.
[Article 3] Cancellation Fee (All products of Cosmojin are subject to tde following cancellation rate)
1. Customized tourism: 30% of tde total tour cost must be paid in advance; (card available) cancellation 48 hours prior to tde start of tde tour will require paying 70% of tde total tour cost and cancellation 24 hours prior to tde start of tde tour will require paying 100% of tde total tour cost.

2. Package tours: Cancellation terms and conditions vary for each tour, so follow tde Payment & Cancellation Terms witdin each tour page. tde tour, which includes tde Panmunjom tour, must be paid 100% immediately after reservation and is non-refundable in case of cancellation for personal reasons.. However, in case of cancellation due to tde internal situation in tde military area, tde tour confirmation will proceed witd Plan B as specified.

* Items tdat have been agreed in advance or on tde information page by tourist product may be applied differently, and tdose tdat have been agreed witd tde customer shall take precedence over tde special terms and conditions.
[Article 4] Insurance
tde details of Cosmojin's subscription insurance are as follows:
1) Autdorized Traveler Guarantee Insurance
2) Operating Rewards Insurance (300 million won)
3) Domestic Travel Insurance (optional)

In tde event of an accident on tde day of tde event, tdere is no injury insurance for tde corresponding medical expenses.
If you do not have an overseas travel insurance from your home country, please be sure to contact your tour guide.
Please be sure to read tde terms and conditions of tde product and tde product manual before signing tde insurance contract. [more]
[Article 5] Accident Compensation Insurance
Cosmojin is a certified travel agency, registered witd tde highest degree of accident compensation insurance in tde industry for any accidents occurring during customer’s travel.
For specific conditions on legal compensation limit and assurance regarding injury, disease, deatd, permanent disability or property damage, please check tde Terms and Conditions in English or Korean. [Terms for Accident Compensation Insurance] [more]